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How to Have a Fun Weekend During School Year

by Bill Sweeney

The time has arrived, the kids are all back in school so you are left to enjoy the week of work and being alone in your adult life. Surely by now you have started to miss your kids, maybe? Well if you are in the market to have a fun weekend during the school year with your kids, please read on for some simple ideas.

Picnic Season

With Fall foliage around the corner you are sure to find a local spot in New England to pack up and picnic. Get the kids gathered around as you locate the picture perfect location to have a picnic. Fall brings the most comfortable weather to enjoy a picnic with the kids.

Collect Leaves

If your kids enjoy the great outdoors, those falling leaves during this season make for great crafting projects. Take a nature walk around the neighborhood or on your local bike trail. Have the kids select some leaves that are colorful and unique, return home to have a craft session using these leaves.

Have a Sleepover

Back to school means your kids will want to have some fun on the weekend with their friends. The social life increases during the school year and they will be super happy that you are planning a sleepover. Let the kids invite friends over and have your home setup to be kid friendly for an overnight friend’s night.

Movie Time

If the weekend brings about rainy days or cooler temps, you can have a movie date with the family. Plan a middle of the day lunch with movie time. This will be a fun way to enjoy the kids, have some fun and perhaps get a little nap in if everyone is exhausted from the week.

Hide & Seek

Since Fall brings about more comfortable weather patterns, you could have a hide & seek party out in the backyard. There are many places to hide when you own a property or home with ample room. Consider having a hide & seek date with the kids this weekend, it will certainly be entertaining.

There you have it some simple ways to have fun this weekend during the school year with your kids. Whether you invite guests over or indulge in some strict family only time, you are sure to find something on this list that will make you enjoy that weekend with the kids.

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