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Have Fun, Do Good, Pay It Forward

Play Time

I love to play all types of games. From shoot em up video games to word games, board games to crossword puzzles, road trip car games to any and all card games – we do it all. It’s just about the best way to spend time with family, friends, and sometimes even complete strangers. You bond, you grow together, and you have a great time. It’s really something I’ve loved being a part of since I was a kid. I think most of us really do love it, too, even if we don’t get to play as much as we would like due to all that real life world stuff.

Now, what if I was to tell you that not only is there a new game launching right now that is not only awesome fun, but where the true goal is to it’s part in making the world a better, kinder, and nicer place? I think you’d say “I’m in” because that’s what I said!! Well, there is actually a new game, and it’s awesome. It’s called The Good Cards and it’s a game to spread love, kindness & happiness one good deed at a time! It’s all about paying it forward, card by card. Now, for real, how can you beat that???

Play and Pay It Forward

The Good Cards is a real life game that allows communities of dreamers to spread happiness in real life. Dreamers are people that want to create a better world and believe they can do something to make it happen.  The Good Cards allows dreamers to see their impact in real life across the globe. Communities of dreamers can play the game and track the chain reaction that results from their good deed and how it encourages future acts of kindness.

The Good Cards is the first game in the world that is happening in real life where people receive good deed missions toward collective goals which to help people create a better world. Unlike Pokemon Go, the entire game is a “real life” game. The entire game of The Good Cards is played in “real life” “real time” and in the “real world” where dreamers can have a collective impact of a better world.

The Card
How It Works

You will receive a physical Good Card.  Download an app, scan the card in your mobile app, and receive a mission of doing a good deed for somebody else, secretly and anonymously. The next person receives the card, through a good deed, they scan it in their mobile app, and they receive a mission to pay it forwards. As the cards travel from hand to hand, everybody in the line is able to track it and read all the kindness stories happening around the world with the exact card you passed. There are 12 missions and 4 levels where each time you complete a mission you unlock the next.


World-Wide Fun Mixed With Doing Good

The Good Cards are being enjoyed the world over as we speak. Aside from the US, they have touched down and touched lives in 18 countries and counting, including: Canada, Ukraine, UK, Jordan, Colombia, Belgium, Bolivia, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, México, Chile, Costa Rica, Portugal, Poland, Australia, Switzerland, Malaysia, and Bali. That’s insane and it’s just beginning!! When more people hear about this game and really start to get it, this could be, literally, all over the world. How cool is that? That’s a whole lotta good going on.

See It In Action

The you track your cards as they travel the globe, making things better!!!

Trying To Make A Difference

Happiness, Kindness and Love

The Good Cards is important because collectively individuals will spread more happiness, love and kindness, thus creating a better world. Globally, people are facing social and environmental challenges in our society right now. The Good Cards will be able to promote accountability. The Good Cards could possibly be the most effective way to build social trust through doing genuine good for others.

Results of Good Deeds

The collective actions of doing good creates engagement, sharing stories of inspiration and cultivates influential communities of love and kindness; helping to build and restore faith in humanity and society.

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By Bill Sweeney

Bill is a guy that's been working at home since 2008. What does that mean? It means he runs a business, has a blog, takes care of the kids and house, and doesn't really have much more time left in the day. Piece of cake, but wouldn't have it any other way.

9 replies on “Have Fun, Do Good, Pay It Forward”

I am all for anything that spreads happiness!! I think I am going to give this a try – it sounds awesome.

Whoever thought of creating The Good Card is a genius with a compassionate heart. I love how you can track the card and see where it went. It is amazing that it has already reached 18 countries to date. That is awesome!

What a fun way to spread kindness and make someone happy! I wish I could find one of those cards here in our area, or if not, I hope to receive one. That would be so great! Great way to start a kindness revolution!

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