5 Ways To Let Go Of Work On The Weekend

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Life is far too short to be stressing about work on the weekend. It’s Friday, let’s get rolling with letting go of work so that you can enjoy a fabulous weekend with friends and family. Maybe you have some housework to do or a getaway planned, whatever your weekend entails it is so vitally important that you learn to let go of work on the weekend. Today we are going to share 5 ways to let go of work on the weekend, please make a mental note of each of these ways. We are betting your family will be thankful you did!

End Friday on a Positive Note

Always be sure to let Friday end on a positive note, be certain to not leave any lose ends. Having closure at the end of your work week allows you to have an easier time letting go of work. Wrap up any tasks that you have postponed during the week and be certain that all work is left at a point that you are comfortable walking away from.

Put your Business Phone on DND

This is a great tip for all you work from home professionals, put your business phone on do not disturb and do not peek at that phone for all of the weekend. Letting go of work on the weekend means to literally let go of every aspect of your work load to ensure you are focused on weekend fun. That business that others are calling about can wait until Monday; it doesn’t need to be tended to during your off days.

Plan Leisurely Activities

Make sure that your weekend plans involve leisurely activities as opposed to demanding ones. This is a great way to ensure you don’t feel as if you are working on the weekend. Plan a nice weekend getaway, a road trip or some fun home activities that you wanted to get done but haven’t yet. Do something that makes you feel relaxed and carefree.

Make a Do Not Do List

Create a visual list that has a “do not do” sign above it. These are tasks that you would normally focus on during the work week and have no validity being a part of your weekend. Work with your family to create a do not do list so that each of you are on the same page to enjoy the weekend together.

Be Present

Letting go of work on the weekend means that you are truly detaching from your work life to be present in your family and friends life for the weekend. Be sure to remain present both emotionally and physically. You know what we mean, let it all go and be attentive to all who you are spending time with on the weekend.

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