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Own Your Own Piece Of The Game With Wilson Sporting Goods Customizable Footballs

by Bill Sweeney

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Wilson Custom Football 6-16

You love your team. You really love your team. You have all the gear and can’t get enough of it. Standard footballs, jerseys, and rally towels are all well and good, but don’t you think you’re at the point where you want just a little bit more. Something a little more special. Something that’s just for you? My son was getting to the point. He is lucky enough to have a lot of gear, so I was looking for something special.

Hello Wilson Sporting Goods!! Say it again! Wilson Sporting Goods. I was really excited to be asked to talk about this amazing product. I’m all about supporting sponsored content that I truly love.

Wilson Custom Football 6-16 5

Wilson, the number one brand in football, dropped the bomb. Awesomeness ensued. People are happy. Wilson custom footballs offer gift givers the ability to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized replica leather game football for the football fan and player in their lives. It’s really pretty awesome.

Each custom ball can be designed to feature a family or friend photo, college or pro team accents, a special message and the gift recipient’s name. Every customized football will be handmade by the craftsmen and craftswomen at the company’s Football Factory in Ada, OH. Made in the USA…can’t say that enough.

Wilson Custom Football 6-16 2

If this wasn’t enough, I have some sweet news for you. Wilson has added several new designs to its custom leather football design platform just in time for Father’s Day and Graduation! To top it off, if Father’s Day and graduation gift givers like designs they see in other celebration categories on the custom platform, they can easily adapt those for their top dad and grad. That’s crazy…crazy awesome.

So, what do you think? I’m telling you, it’s great. Liam went crazy when he saw the football. His eyes lit up like when he was 2 on Christmas morning. No joke. If you want something special for the sports lover in your life, I really think this is a really good way to go.

Wilson Custom Football 6-16 3

Deal? Did someone say deal? Do you like deals? I hope you do, because I have one to share with you! Use code GRAD073 between now and June 26, 2016 to receive 10% off your order. Custom footballs are currently 25% off, so if you order between the dates above, your football will be 35% off! 

Order your custom Father’s Day football by June 9th for guaranteed Father’s Day delivery.

Did you order yet? Tell me what you’re getting. C’mon, don’t be shy. Lay a comment or some social love on me now. Wait, you didn’t order just yet? Ok, so maybe I jumped the gun with excitement right there. I get it, you have trouble committing. That’s cool. How about if you were able to WIN your own then???

Enter to win your own customized Wilson football right here! One winner will win the opportunity to create your own football and receive it in time for Father’s Day! (ARV up to $100 each). Enter before Friday, June 3, 2016 to receive your prize before Father’s Day.

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