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10 Activities Under $10 That Will Keep Kids Busy This Summer

by Bill Sweeney

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Summer is here!! It’s time to figure out ways to keep the kids entertained so that work can be done without hearing cries of boredom all day long. Yes, there are camps, but most kids will still (thankfully) have a ton of downtime!! Nothing is more difficult than summer break for the work at home parent, but there is hope, there are ways to keep the kids free of boredom and entertained so that work can be completed. Sometimes, the kids just have to be…kids…

  • Invest in colored tape – this is no joke, your kids can have unlimited fun with colored tape, they can use it on the floor to setup a road way for their cars or they can use it to make their own hopscotch. The ideas are endless when using colored tape for entertaining kids.
  • Sponges & Chalk – if you don’t mind a little washable chalk artwork outside, then invest in a small sponge, bucket of water and a bucket of washable chalk as a means to keep kids entertained for hours outside.
  • Food Coloring – use food coloring as paint, simply place paper plates out with Elmer’s glue and let sit. Once the glue has dried, give your kids some food coloring and paint brushes to make their own magical works of art.
  • Bubble Wrap – the options are endless with the almighty bubble wrap; set it up on the floor for some stomping fun or use it on the kids’ feet for painting creations. Will require some finger paints and a long sheet of paper to use for stomping feet artwork.
  • Tarp – purchase a couple of tarps, cut holes in one and use it as a throw toss game, equipped with scores for each hole then have the kids create their own ball toss tournament. This is similar to the game ring toss, but using a tarp instead of purchasing the actual game.
  • Camp Inside – for the rainy Summer days, setup a campout inside with a real tent or a blanket fort for endless hours of entertainment. Set this up near a television for a rainy day inside binge watching some of their favorite movies.

There are many ways to entertain kids for under $10 this Summer, it’s all a matter of stepping back into the days of your youth and remembering what was fun for you. The plus side to entertaining kids this summer with the activities listed above is that it teaches them to work together, self-entertain and in turn use their own creative side for a long time to come.

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