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20 Family Time Ideas That Will Make Your Kids Forget About TV

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It is super easy for any family to get into this predictable weekend routine, especially if you are working with a small budget. The thing is, there are plenty of family time ideas that will make your kids forget about TV without going broke. Today we want to open your mind to some ideas on how you can gather that family up and head out to have a bit of fun family time this weekend.

  1. Go For a Run – it’s free and it’s fast, get the whole family involved in a competition run.
  2. Learn to Juggle – this can be quite entertaining for the whole family.
  3. Go for a Swim – take the family to a local river or community pool & go swimming.
  4. Have a Dance Off – turn on some music and have fun doing a pretend dance off together.
  5. Watch Wildlife – put up some bird feeders in your backyard & watch for rare bird sightings.
  6. Start a Garden – if you live in the city, you can create an indoor garden easily.
  7. Join a Book Club – attend a weekly book club together as a family unit.
  8. Visit a Fire Station – many local fire stations welcome visitors, go on and check it out!
  9. Collect Leaves – see who can find the most unique looking leaf.
  10. Attend a Local Sport Event – head on down to the local sporting events & cheer them on.
  11. Four Square Tournament – if your kids have no clue, teach them how to play four square!
  12. Stargazing – get a telescope and enjoy discussing what you see up there in the night sky.
  13. Create a Vacation Jar – decorate a jar where you will save change towards family vacation.
  14. Camping – set up a tent or two in the backyard and camp out as a family unit.
  15. Bake Some Goodies –find fun recipes and attempt to bake them as a family together.
  16. Tell Stories – sit down in a circle and share stories together about past memorable moments.
  17. Family Photos – get a selfie stick and take family photos, try to get some silly ones!
  18. Family Game Show – have a trivia family game show, create a stage and enjoy interacting.
  19. Bike Riding – go for a bike ride together, a fantastic way to tire the kids out.
  20. Go Rollerblading – get rollerblades for everyone & go out to rollerblade together.

This is a great list of 20 family time ideas that will make your kids forget about TV. We hope that you will try some of these and switch them up every weekend as a means to reconnect and get away from electronics that can cause lack of communication between family members.

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