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35 Things To Do on Your Day Off

by Bill Sweeney

There’s nothing more fun than taking a day off and simply enjoying it. Since I work at home, it’s a lot easier for me to set things up like this, but do your best! Start to plan a couple of weeks in advance, give your client’s the heads up that you will be heading off this Friday to spend the day with your family. Let the kids know they can invite a friend, especially the older children who may get bored with little siblings in tow. Establish guidelines, rules and expectations that all family members must follow and take a list of what your family may desire to do. Once you have planned for the day off and everything is setup, here are 35 things to do on this day off:

  1. Film a lip sync video
  2. Head off on a walk downtown
  3. Take a nature walk
  4. Visit a local museum
  5. Take a bus to a city to enjoy the sights
  6. Visit family members
  7. Take photos of nature all over your town
  8. Let the kids plan a full day outside together
  9. Take off on a leisurely boat ride
  10. Enjoy a whale watch
  11. Bake up some goodies
  12. Have a movie marathon
  13. Play board games
  14. Have a video game challenge day
  15. Create a scavenger hunt
  16. Go geocaching
  17. Play hide and seek
  18. Visit a local pet shelter
  19. Stay one night out in a local bed and breakfast inn
  20. Have a food bake off challenge
  21. Take a run around the neighborhood
  22. Ride bicycles down a local bicycle trail
  23. Hike a mountain
  24. Visit your local library
  25. Hit a local restaurant for dinner then go to the movies
  26. Create funny family videos
  27. Sit around and share your favorite family memories with each other
  28. Shut off all electronics and see what fun can be had
  29. Create a photo shoot locally near a beautiful scenic view
  30. Host a clothing swap
  31. Create a family time capsule to open in ten years
  32. Develop the plan to have a family YouTube show/channel
  33. Shop at local stores that donate to charity
  34. Go window shopping
  35. Create a new dance routine, have the whole family choreograph it

There you have it…the list! Now what are you waiting for? Get up and get planning for you need to take next Friday off to go enjoy some of these creative day off ideas.

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