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Forget The Tie, Give Him The Ultimate Cigar Book

by Bill Sweeney

Ultimate Cigar Book Cover

I have to admit, I like a good cigar. Sure, I only smoke one maybe 2-3 times a year at best, but when I do, I’m loving every second. It’s just a relaxing, deliberate ritual that really makes me slow down and enjoy life. Be it with a nice drink, or without, inside a lounge or outside by a fire pit, it just always seems to work. The act is not only about relaxation and the good life, it’s about celebration (new baby anyone) and spending quality time with friends! Ever since the 1850s, when cigars became popular in America, there have been few better ways to celebrate this, and the holidays, than with a hand-rolled stogie. It calms the nerves, aids digestion, and stimulates conversation. That’s just science.

Richard Carleton Hacker, author of the new fourth edition of The Ultimate Cigar Book, explains a good cigar with the following:

“A single cigar makes a perfect stocking stuffer, and a gaily wrapped box of cigars under the tree is the adult equivalent of getting an electric train set when you were a boy.”

“Because cigars were originally reserved for the wealthy, they became a symbol of success and have since evolved into the perfect Yuletide gift for men (and women) from all walks of life. “You don’t have to be a millionaire to feel like one, when you’re smoking a premium cigar”

This is all very true. A nice cigar really just feels good. You feel a little bit more “proper,” perhaps due to the cigar’s pedigree and reason for being.

The Ultimate Cigar Book describes virtually every cigar in the world and is full of facts and trivia, such as Thomas R. Marshall’s famous quote, “What this country really needs is a good five cent cigar,” or Mark Twain’s proclamation that “If I can’t smoke in Heaven, then I shall not go!”

The book also compares Cuban cigars with those from other countries, including the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua, and answers a multitude of questions encompassing cigar history, making, and storage. Keep the band on or take it off? Can you humidify a cigar that has dried out? How do you clip and light a cigar? All are answered in The Ultimate Cigar Book. There is even a chapter on pairing cigars with single malts, bourbons, and cognacs. It’s really awesome for rookies or people that have smoked for years and never wanted to ask certain questions.

The Ultimate Cigar Book is a fantastic gift for any and every cigar smoker your know this holiday season. It’s the most comprehensive, factual, and up-to-date book for the cigar smoker or for those who just want to learn more about the fascinating and popular world of cigar smoking. It’s an awesome book, and it will be a very unique gift that no one else will think of and that the recipient will be very pleased to receive. Trust me!!

Pick it up now on Skyhorse Publishing for just $24.95 hardcover!!!

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