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Learning To Let It Go…Better Not To Be Bitter

by Bill Sweeney

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I have a tendency at times to get a little worked up or maybe a little negative. And as you would know, that negativity just seems to grow and grow, perhaps to the point where it’s a bit too much. I don’t think I’m generally like that…and don’t give me any lip about it…bit perhaps I could always try to be a bit more cheery, a bit more at ease…a bit more chill.

Life is about all the little moments. If you let the little moments turn into something negative all the time, it will become bigger and bigger. No one wants that and no one needs that…no one. There’s never been a person alive on this earth that has been better for being bitter. Perhaps you can try to think of someone, but let’s be honest…there’s no one.

Sure, you have to be realistic about life and about being a human. It’s not always pixies and daisies. All of life isn’t a beach. There are a number of ways to be annoyed, get taken advantage of, to be…well, bitter. It’s all around. It’s your job not to be taken under by the tide. Yes, you don’t want to be a pushover and be taken for a fool all the time. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that not being a fool is not the same as being an on-defense, full-time Negative Nelson.

Do you feel better when you are angry? Do you feel better when you are PO’d? Do they people around you want to stay around you if you are always griping about something? I would say probably not.

Yes, being married has it’s challenges. Have kids has it’s challenges. Working, having parents, friends, owning a house, driving on Long Island…everything can be a challenge. You can make it a good experience or a bad one.

If your kid is pitching a fit…get annoyed for a minute…tell them to cut it out immediately…then laugh a little inside because at the end of the day it’s funny. They are funny. They will never be this age again. Never. If you think you have time…you dont’really. My kds, aside from Caleb, are 8 and 6. It’s crazy. It flies. They annoy, I annoy…you have to laugh at it. It’s comical.

I challenge you to give it a try. Next time your kid is asking for the iPad, ice cream, a playdate when they are already on a playdate, or the ability to hang on your ceiling fan. Tell them no, then turn around and laugh at it. Wouldn’t it be kind of funny if some random person did they same? It’s a thin line between happy and sad, love and hate…try to stay on one line over the other.

C’mon…give it a shot…http://www.wikihow.com/Laugh

Believe me, I am no Dali Lama, I’m just proposing it. I don’t think it’s all that bad an idea.

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