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Birthdayland – The Birthdaykins and Huggaloons From Digiplush – Perfectly Mix Plush With Tech

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I think all parents today are somewhat worried about similar things. What are our kids doing online? Who are they hanging out with? What is a good snack for them to chow down on? What are these kids playing with? Sure, some of these questions are a lot more important that others are…but all of them matter to us in some way. Many of us also can’t seem to fully accept a full-boat online world and worry that our kids are losing some of what we had, like playing with actual, tangible objects that don’t require downloads or recharging. There is something to be said for touching and playing with real, honest to goodness toys. At the same time, there are so many awesome apps, both fun and learning, that we can’t deny are great for the kids to play. It would be nice if something tried to bridge the gap between the two, no?

Well, you know what’s coming, don’t you?

Digiplush is an innovative new toy, app, and entertainment company, featuring brands that are designed to enhance children’s play experience through high-quality physical toys and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. The company’s tagline: “Toys, Apps and Fun – All In One!”

Nice…do you want to hear more? I know you’re intrigued.

The first brand launching under Digiplush is “BirthdayLand.” Everyone celebrates a birthday (at least I would hope so), and yet this special day have never had any characters or a mythology similar to other major holidays. You have your Santas, Easter Bunnies, Cupids, even Leprechauns…but nothing for your birthday other than some cake and candles! I think that’s about to change, folks.

Each time a child blows out a candle, their wish drifts up to BirthdayLand, the place where their wishes comes true.  According to the BirthdayLand legend, everything that makes a birthday celebration special comes from BirthdayLand, from the candles on a cake to the paper wrapped around birthday presents. The adorable characters of BirthdayLand, the Birthdaykins and the Huggaloons, will be the first physical products to market.  They are currently available at Toys”R”Us and Natalie absolutely couldn’t get enough of them. Super cute, colorful, sweet to hold. She and Caleb were in a knock-down-drag-out for these guys!

Birthdayland Collage

Here’s some more background:


The Birthdaykins are delightful birthday-themed plush toys that retail for $12.99.  They are the cute characters in BirthdayLand, the place where birthday wishes come true.  The Birthdaykins are also featured in the BirthdayLand app, which is filled with awesome birthday-related games and activities.  The purchase any of the Birthdaykins includes a code that unlocks premium features inside the BirthdayLand app.  The app is a free download in the iTunes store, Google Play and Amazon Apps.


The Huggaloons are soft, lovable plush toys that resemble balloon animals that retail for $16.99. They are the special guides in BirthdayLand, the place where birthday wishes come true.  The Huggaloons are also featured in the BirthdayLand app.  The purchase any of the Huggaloons includes a code that unlocks premium features inside the BirthdayLand app.  The app is a free download in the iTunes store, Google Play and Amazon Apps as well.


The BirthdayLand app is a free download and features two free activities.  Additional free games and activities within the app can be unlocked using a code displayed on signage in Toys”R”Us stores.

The free download includes:

  • “Balloon Pop” – spell words by finding letters inside floating balloons and placing them correctly in the word below.
  • “Birthday Countdown Clock” – countdown birthdays for up to 5 different family members, friends or pets — whoever has a birthday to remember and celebrate.

The app is appropriate for children ages 3-7.

Check out the app trailer here:


To find out more about the Birthdayland fun, be sure to check out:

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