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City Sports, Specialty Athletic Retailer, Has A New Location In Manhasset, NY!

by Bill Sweeney
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City Sports has been around since 1983, and all because the founders couldn’t find a needle to inflate their basketball! I know, it’s crazy, but isn’t that how so many good companies, good ideas get started?

City Sports Collage 2 That was the item that high school tennis partners Mike Kennedy and Eric Martin couldn’t purchase anywhere near their apartments in Boston. Realizing they weren’t alone in their need of athletic gear and equipment, they founded City Sports in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. Athletic adults that lived, worked or studied in Boston began to seek out the store for their assortment of products for “City Sports” such as running, training, tennis, swimming and cycling. Over time, thousands of visitors from around the country would leave Boston with their iconic City Sports t-shirt as an insider’s souvenir.

Thirty years later, City Sports is still striving to bring their customers a well thought out assortment of innovative athletic apparel, equipment and footwear to help you achieve your personal best.

City Sports Collage 1

These clothes are fantastic. It’s all about quality and details, and you get it all here. These custom-designed and produced, proprietary “CS by City Sports” line products have everything you could possibly want from high-performance, yet high-style athletic apparel. You get it all.

First and foremost, the clothing is well-made, with high quality, durable fabrics that are also light and flexible for ease of movement and comfort. The cut of the clothing is very flattering, not too-tight, but not too big. This tailored (read not baggy and frumpy) cut makes them stand out from the crowd. There are also some really great details like zippers on the pants pockets and mesh-like fabrics on the sides for breathability and wearability. The subtle details make the clothing, like the red-lined collar on the top, the “just enough” touches of red, the front pocket on the T-shirt, the few subtle grey lines on the pant legs to break up the black just a bit. These clothes look good…whether you are going to the gym or going into town. The price points are great, too..right in line with what you would expect to pay for such high-quality, well-designed gear (T-shirt $27, Pants $56, Top $55).

If you live anywhere near a City Sports (here are the locations), I would really consider checking them out. The stores are large enough to have all you need, but intimate enough so you are no overwhelmed. This also allows them to only carry top-tier merchandise, so you know everything you are getting is top-notch.

To find out more about City Sports, visit:

About City Sports: Celebrating 30 years of award-winning excellence in specialty athletic retail, City Sports is the premiere destination for urban athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts. Founded in Boston in 1983, the company operates 23 metropolitan stores across the East Coast, with locations in Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington, D.C. City Sports offers a comprehensive assortment of performance footwear, equipment and apparel from leading athletic and niche brands, as well as its proprietary “CS by City Sports” line, all focused on outfitting the athlete who participates in running, triathlons, training, cycling, swimming, yoga and tennis.

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