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Fantasy Football and Office Pool Madness

by Bill Sweeney


It’s fall. For many people that means a lot of things (see here). For many people, it means NFL Football. And when it means football, it also means office pools, knockout rounds, and fantasy football. The NFL has made itself GIGANTIC riding the back of sports-related gaming. So many people now watch football just because of these games and the money they have riding on it. It’s pretty amazing, really, if you think about it. The amount bet each week is mind-boggling. Every major outlet runs pretty sweet fantasy sites (CBS, Yahoo, and the NFL to name a few). Out of nowhere, sites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel have come to dominate any and all advertising of anything related to sports by offering weekly and even daily fantasy games for money. (By the way, these are not considered gambling because the games do not have any relation to the outcome of the final scores. Brilliant on their part). There’s also all the weekly game picking (pick each game and use the point spread) and knockout (pick one team to win each week) and survival pools (have a draft, pick a couple teams for the year and see how many they win in total), it can make your head spin. Let’s not even get into the grand daddy of it all…the Super Bowl.

I like playing all of these and I put down a very small amount for each for the season. It’s just like going out to dinner, really, and that’s all I would ever do. But how do you decide when is enough? I know tons of people with 3, 5, even 5 fantasy teams! Some are in multiple pools, and many are even in some really big money pools (thousands of dollars to participate). How can you keep track of all of it? I don’t know. I get involved in my one fantasy team and enjoy it, but I want it to be just that. More than what I do and I think it almost becomes like a job. That would take the fun out of it for me. And it you have too many things going on, you’re going to make yourself crazy because almost every game and every player is going to effect you in some way. You can’t root for anyone! One game will beat another, one player doing well will likely screw up the other ones.



I like picking one “sheet” (yes, they used to be on paper sheets) of games vs. the spread a week. I went 14-2 last week and lost on Monday Night Football points..what a gip. I’m doing well in that one, and won it all 2 years ago. I also do one survival pool (I drafted Dallas, Baltimore, and San Fran), which isn’t looking so great so far. Finally, my favorite, I have 1 fantasy team (using CBS). My “Dream Crushers” are 2-1 and look pretty good. I think I can win it all. It’s fun to pick the players, make cuts and pickups, trades, talk smack. It’s great and it’s a really good way for the NFL to have people vested in the game, the entire game, and not just a local team that may be good or stink. It’s pretty brilliant really.

What do you get involved with? Do you love one game more than the others? Do you do a little of each, a lot of one, and just overload on everything? Does it make you like football more or do you just like the games? Do your wives and/or girlfriends like it, hate it, play it too?

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