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My Top 10 Freshest of the Fresh Just in Time for Fall

by Bill Sweeney

This post was sponsored by CLEAR CARE® PLUS. All comments are my own.



When fall comes around, I always think about how I love the weather and how the daily routines of school and life seem to be a great way to refresh and feel renewed. The chill in the night, the change in the leaves, the new school year. It’s all a reminder that you can, each and every year or even every season, have a fresh start.

All of this talk about fresh got me thinking. What is the best kind of fresh? Fresh is good and it’s pretty much known that it’s good, but what is the best of the fresh?? I thought about it long and hard and came up with what I think is a pretty impressive, pretty diverse, and pretty comprehensive Top 10 list of all things fresh. Take a look below and get that fresh feeling all over again…



  1. Fresh Orange Juice – Seriously, what is more seasonal, more local, more healthy and more satisfying than some super delicious, freshly squeezed Orange Juice?
  2. “Fresh” by Kool & The Gang – This is just a classic, feel-good, dopey fresh song that never gets old, be it in the car, on iTunes, in an elevator, or at a wedding!
  3. Fresh Sushi – There’s just something magical about this Japanese delicacy that can be a truly amazing culinary experience, as long as the fish is as fresh as it possibly can be.
  4. Fresh The Movie (1994) – I was 18 and liked hip hop and rap musics so this movie was in my wheelhouse big time, especially that Samuel L. Jackson!
  5. Fresh Air – no matter where you are, doesn’t it always feel better getting outside and taking in as much fresh, clean air as you possibly can? It can really make you feel great and ready to take on the rest of your day!
  6. Fresh Music like Fresh 102.7FM in NYC – Great, fresh music just makes you want to sing, dance and feel good and this is the type of station that does all of that and more for me whenever I need it!
  7. Fresh Face – Seeing a bright eyed and bushy tailed person that looks happy, healthy, and ready to go is always a great sight to see and a real pick-me-up during those times when maybe your job, your commute, or whatever else maybe isn’t quite as fresh as you would like it to be!
  8. Fresh Herbs and Spices – While it’s easy and convenient to use dried spices, there’s really nothing that makes a meal pop more than going fresh…think fresh basil on pizza, fresh mint in iced tea, and freshly ground black pepper on just about anything!
  9. Fresh Mozzarella – C’mon, fresh mozzarella is amazing…with tomatoes and olive oil, on top of pizza, or in a hero you just can’t go wrong with it’s creamy, freshly made goodness!
  10. Fresh Eyes – Is there anything more important than seeing clearly and feeling like your contacts are fresh and clean??


CLEAR CARE® PLUS wants to help you freshen up this fall season and beyond by giving you that fresh lens feeling. CLEAR CARE® PLUS cleans and disinfects with the gentle, active bubbling of peroxide that helps clean your lenses in a unique way that no standard multi-purpose solution can. CLEAR CARE® PLUS creates a gentle saline solution close to your own tears, so no harsh chemicals or preservatives enter your eyes.


Just like with sushi, produce, and classic pop hits, this is something that you just absolutely need to be as clean and as fresh and it could be. Upgrade from your basic multi-purpose solution and take your lens care to the next level today because we all know a cleaner-feeling lens offers better overall lens comfort and more hours of comfortable lens wear.

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with CLEAR CARE® PLUS. All freshness is my own.

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Elizabeth O. November 29, 2016 - 3:38 AM

Fresh produce would be awesome especially during this season! These are great, thanks for the list, I really appreciate it.

Ana De- Jesus November 29, 2016 - 7:52 AM

I thought it was just me! I don’t know why but all this week I have been drinking fresh orange juice by the galleon. Its so refreshing.

Anosa December 5, 2016 - 2:02 PM

Lovely list of the freshest of the fresh, especially fresh produce


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