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Shut Your Mouth and Get Your #NightsRight With Breathe Right, Tonight!

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I spent countless nights losing sleep worried about my kids, my business and finances, the bills, or so many other things that effect my (and your) life.  Hopefully with each passing day, some of these worries lessen, but my nasal congestion never seems to lighten up. I don’t know, but I definitely have some breathing issues, and I seemed to need an additional boost to supplement allergy medicine and nasal sprays. I wasn’t sure what would work.

It seemed to me that one thing causing some problems was the old schnoz. The human nose can be an amazing thing, really, and it has so much to do with how well a person sleeps. Just check this out…


Pretty interesting, right? Well, it seems to me that I have to get my “nose house” in order to help me make my nights of sleep better and more productive. A man needs his rest!

I decided to check out Breathe Right® nasal strips to try to help me breathe better and get my #NightsRight!! Breathe Right® nasal strips are a drug-free and clinically proven way to instantly lift your nasal passage and open your nose to help you breathe better so you can sleep better. When added to a cold or allergy regimen, Breathe Right® nasal strips can instantly open your nose up to 38% more than decongestant sprays alone…and it really did the trick for me. They seemed to give me that additional boost that I needed to get my nasal passages clear and the air flowing the right way. It was a whole new breathing world!!

In case you’re not really sure how and why all of this would make a difference, here’s some great information on how Breathe Right strips work!!


They’re awesome. They just stick right on and work, yet are not stuck on tough enough to be a pain (literally) to get off. Plus, I love the Lavender smell…so relaxing! I may just wear these all the time…

Breathe Right Strips #NightsRight Collage

In addition to the strips, I decided to try some other things to kick my sleeping into something awesome. Vera and I throw on a sound machine to give us that calming effect (plus it helps with my tinitis). I also make sure I go to bed early enough and make sure I don’t look at my phone too much before bed…I need to calm my eyes and my brain down.

All of these things, plus the strips, have really done the trick. It’s a noticeable and wonderful difference and I suggest you try it all if you have trouble sleeping each night. It will make such a huge and positive difference in your life…it’s almost hard to believe. Sleep Better, Breathe Better®, indeed!!

To find out more about how awesome Breathe Right nasal strips are, please check out:

One (1) lucky winner will be able to get their #NighstRight with 5 boxes of Breathe Right® nasal strips for you to try!!

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