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5 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier Without Much Effort

by Bill Sweeney
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Often time’s people are scared away from the idea of consistently eating healthier because it seems to be such hard work. Reality is that eating healthier doesn’t require a lot of effort. It’s simply about finding simple ways that work for you. I am on a major health kick and I feel so much better for it. Seriously, so much better. It’s actually pretty amazing. Because of my good feelings, I am going to share 5 simple ways to eat healthier without much effort to help inspire you to make better eating habits stick.

Make a Grocery List & Never go Hungry

While I can tell you to make a grocery list and stick to that list, if you go to the store hungry the idea of sticking firm to a grocery list is nearly impossible. Try to ensure that your belly is full prior to getting groceries. Create a list of items you will get that include a broad range of healthier snack options for the whole family. Once in the grocery store set yourself on tunnel vision only grabbing items that you have on the list. In and out, baby. 

Get Green

No, I am not talking about the eco-friendly go green campaign, but rather those green veggies. You see, green vegetables are a great way to get nutrients and fill you faster. If you can’t get fresh green vegetables then check the freezer aisle as frozen veggies are more nutritious for you than canned veggies. Try to add a few new green vegetable items to your household each week until you determine which ones are a good fit. Eat it up as much as you can. 

Get Tricky with Snacks

Perhaps consider cheese slices on apples rather than having it on crackers. Learn to train yourself to switch out at least one bad thing in your snack habits each day so that you learn new habits without thinking. There are many ways to incorporate a small bit of health into every bite throughout your day. Learn to exchange one bad thing for one good thing as each day passes. Small snacks throughout the day keeps you going, keeps your metabolism going, and prevents you from wanting to binge.

Avoid Sweetened Drinks

Sweetened drinks, yes fake sugar and real sugar, are often full of unnecessary calories. Surely it’s great to enjoy a sweetened drink from time to time but cutting them out to near 100% is the best way to go. Be aware that you can get a similar sweet treat by adding fruit to your water. There are many fruit diffuser bottles these days to make adding fruit to your water a piece of cake. 

Drink Black Tea or Coffee

Black coffee or tea is much better for your body than the creamer and sugar add-ons we put in our morning cup. You may have to slowly wean yourself to go black with these drinks as it is most certainly an acquired taste. Usually within 14 days you will have grown accustomed to enjoying a nice black cup of coffee or tea.

Water, black coffee, tea, diet drinks. It makes a big difference.

There you have it 5 simple ways to eat healthier, so what are you waiting for? Go get started today, it’s never too late to put your health first.

5 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier Without Much Effort was last modified: April 5th, 2017 by Bill Sweeney

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