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ENTER TO WIN: Dr. Mercola Colloidal Silver Solution

by Bill Sweeney

Dr. Mercola Silver Solution

For thousands of years, people have used silver. Now, Mercola.com has introduced a proprietary colloidal silver formula called Silver Solution.

Unlike other formulas, Mercola’s silver contains bioactive true colloidal silver with the ultimate purity and refinement. It’s also free from salts, proteins, stabilizers, and oxidizing compounds that can potentially contaminate the ingredients.

I wanted to try silver because of the supposed health benefits. I like that Mercola’s Silver Solution is in dropper form and comes in a glass bottle. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised with the taste and odor…I thought they would both be overpowering and hard to deal with, but it’s been easy. I’ll have to get back to you on how effective it’s been since I’ve just begun to use it, but so far, so good!

Some pertinent points about Mercola’s Silver Solution:

  • Contains bio-active true colloidal silver – The type of colloidal silver considered to be the ultimate in refinement and purity
  • Is free from salts, proteins, and oxidizing compounds – These types of compounds can potentially contaminate the silver supplement
  • Contains a high content (96%) of positively charged silver – Research suggests the most promising colloidal silver benefits come from positively charged silver ions
  • Employs a low silver concentration (10 PPM) – A high PPM (parts-per-million) does not necessarily equal high quality. Higher PPM formulas may have more impurities that could impact overall effectiveness
  • Comes packaged in glass bottles – Glass is the best delivery system for this supplement. Certain plastics might cause leaching and potentially affect quality

Silver Solution is available in three different delivery methods: dropper, mist spray, and vertical sprayer.

If you give it a shot, I’d love to hear about your experience!

Learn more about this and other products at:

One (1) lucky Guy and the Blog winner will receive one (1) bottle of Silver Hydrosol to try for yourself!!

Dr. Mercola’s Silver Solution – Guy and the Blog

About Dr. Mercola:

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a New York Times best-selling author. He was voted the 2009 Ultimate Wellness Game Changer by the Huffington Post and has been featured in several national media outlets including Time magazine and the LA Times, CNN, Fox News, ABC News, the Today Show, and CBS’ Washington Unplugged.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this post but did receive products for review/giveaway purposes. All opinions expressed in the post are my own.

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