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Losing Weight And Being Healthy Is Tough…But JUST DO IT

As you may or may not know, about 3-4 years ago I lost 62 pounds. I was in the best shape, at least since high school.  I felt great, looked great, and had to get a whole new wardrobe.  The unthinkable happened…I actually didn’t mind shopping!! Thankfully, I learned a lot from Weight Watchers about food and most importantly proper portions. It makes such a difference.  Also, consistent exercise.  All great.  I maintained my weight…maybe within 5 pounds or so, all the way until August of this year.

Now, I know it’s an excuse, but sometimes “shoot” happens.  I pulled my groin and it hurt like hell.  I could do no exercise (including my beloved paddle tennis) for 2 weeks.  After that, I could a flu-like sinus infection.  After these 3 weeks passed, I was OUT of commission as far as exercise.  I also decided that diet did not matter and I would eat and drink with abandon and disregard.

The result…3 months, 17 pounds.  Yes, that’s right, 17 freaking pounds.  Hard to believe, but yet so easy for me to accomplish.  Man it really sucked getting on that scale, not being able to fit into some clothes, just feeling and looking crappy.

I had to turn it around.  I just made the decision after an eating and drinking bacchanal to get my act together.  And just like that, I hit the zone.  I just decided to do it.  I was not going to get anywhere near where I was 3-4 years ago.  It was not acceptable.

This past week I’ve lost 5 pounds.  I’m eating healthy, not snacking, and drinking less beer!  I’ve also cut down on carbs, though not completely.  I joined a gym, the same as Vera, and went 5 times last week.  I love it.  It’s reasonable, well kept, with decent people.  Plus, it’s close to home.  It’s made such a difference.  I feel so much better and I even can see a difference in my gut.

I know Christmas time is a poor time to begin this, but there’s always something, right? There never seems to be an opportune time. You just have to put up or shut up.  Once you get into it, it really is much easier and you feel so much better.  It becomes part of you.  Think about how much better you’ll look and feel.  How much better you’ll look to your spouse (bow chicka wow wow) and even to your kids.  They may not really notice, but they’ll notice you eating carrots over chips and they’ll notice you exercising…my kids love to exercise with me.

There’s nothing stopping you.  Just get off your butt and do it!!  You’ll thank yourself for it.  Trust me.  And for a good Weight Watchers and this video!

Good luck!

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By Bill Sweeney

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